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September 2019

September 19, 2019

September 19, 2019

September 18-20, 2019

September 18-20, 2019


ayyeka inc.

Assisting your SCADA needs, Ayyeka is a leader in fully autonomous sensor-based data creation. Self-contained Cellular, LoRa node, data aggregation & simple analytics.

Connecting your sensor through the cloud.

Ayyeka rescues your stranded I/O, and you might not need that little RTU, click to see why.


multitech systems inc.

With over 25 million devices deployed, MultiTech is a leading provider of Cellular WiFi Routers and LoRaWAN network infrastructure technologies. 

Ready to Deploy, Modular and Embedded devices for everyone from the end user, to system integrator, to OEM.  



Providing Multi-Carrier Global SIM Cards.

Supported by 400+ carriers across 200 countries with NO roaming.

eSIM‘s coming soon! Change carriers over the air!


Keep an eye out for Solexy’s C1D1 WiFi Access Point, a Cellular Router and a RS485/Bluetooth Adapter; all Ex-Proof!  

Solexy makes RF and Ethernet entry into C1D1/Zone1 Hazardous Locations a breeze! 

            NO rigid conduit, NO seals to pour, NO expensive listed Coax or Cat5, NO expensive antennas


Dragon HPCS - High performance control systems

Rockwell Automation’s Oil & Gas OEM Partner provides modular control panels with 90+% Rockwell content in typical 1-week ship times. 

Give us your I/O point count and we will design your panel with our proposal.  


SCADADroid by Reonix

SCADADroid by Reonix is an industrial Cellular Ethernet Bridge with integrated web server supporting alarm management (voice, sms, email) with escalation, ModbusTCP Master, VPN client, report creation/delivery and MQTT broker.