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Providing innovation advisory and go to market strategy to premium product manufacturers, systems integrators and end user operators in the USA and Canada. With 28 years of product application and channel management expertise in the Upstream/MidStream O&G segments, Downstream PetroChem and Water/WasterWater we are confident in our ability to deliver you to new frontiers or fortify an existing position with greater goals. 

The past 28 years have offered tremendous experience with (5yrs) Barton Instruments, (5yrs) ABB Instrumentation Controls and Analytical, (14yrs) Control Microsystems/Schneider Electric (SCADAPack, RealFLO, PadPro & QLogix by FlowData, Accutech Wireless, Trio DataComm, ClearSCADA, MSeries RTU, AltiVar VFD, PlantSolutions PES Hybrid Control System) and most recently (3yrs) OleumTech Wireless Instrumentation.

These years of product and system related sales have been successful due largely to a consultative approach whereby the customer's scope is well established before the process began. Though sometimes only providing different aspects of the project, the application knowledge and the eyes of innovation, made for many years of well executed automation, measurement and SCADA solutions.

Based in Houston we're almost never more than 4 hours from anywhere and always within 24.

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Toku Systems T-1000 is a fully integrated, self contained solar panel, battery & charger, cell modem, data concentrator, Edge computer, high resolution and high sampling frequency pressure and temperature transmitter. That is using a lot of words to state that this is simply a super high speed pressure and temperature transmitter that requires nothing else for cloud connectivity.

T-1000 description blue.png

Applications for the T-1000 include Edge processing capabilities to facilitate:

  • Leak Detection - using sub-second data resolution to execute Negative Pressure Wave (NPW) analytics the unit can detect liquids leaks of less than 2% as far away as 6 miles. When using multiple units along the asset, the Illumass cloud utilizes millisecond cell network time stamped data, device location and liquid product characteristics, the differences in NPW detection and corresponding △T, the location of the leak can be approximated within seconds. This method, though simple when compared to much more expensive and complex software systems, performs the task completely irrespective of volume and mass determinations.

    • the T-1000 is ideal for applications where multiple product lines with uncertain volumes are being fed into a single line with the outlet many miles down the road. NPW’s are not reliant on such volume & mass measurements.

    • the T-1000 doesn’t require local PLC’s or data concentrators, power, enclosures, etc; it is fully self contained. The user can elect to use a small number for leak detection and nuisance validation against their primary system; or many units for a granular and autonomous primary leak detection program.

    • the T-1000’s high frequency sampling can be advantageous on product lines where pumps might induce low frequency signals, masking leak verification drawn down attempts; and potentially leaks.

    • the cost and simplicity of the T-1000 fits nicely within the rapidly emerging O&G Midstream Water market, offering visibility to the integrity of saltwater and produced water logistics.

  • Rod Pump Monitoring - the T-1000’s high speed pressure sampling, along with a few manually entered pump characteristics provide the operator with a pump dynacard representative of the entire stroke allowing pump fillage to be ascertained, providing operators the bare basics to optimize even timer based pumping assets.

    • the results of the T-1000 provide an image more representative of a downhole card than the expected surface card as it is measuring the pump outlet pressure, not the inlet.

  • Other applications include:

    • DFIT, BCA & ACA - high resolution, repeatability and accuracy of surface pressure for feeding software applications performing Diagnostic Frack Injection Tests, Before Closure Analysis and After Closure Analysis (current market leaders are 1/sec sampling best case)

    • Adjacent Frac Communications - the T-1000 provides immediate notifications via email and/or SMS to operators that communication is being experienced, as well as redirection to the alarm page within the cloud for near real time trending visualization.

We provide innovative, comprehensive and flexible solutions for the connected world by listening to our customers, partners, and employees, utilizing our design and technical excellence, and creating a culture where employees develop and grow. Our technologies include Cellular, LoRaWAN and Cloud Device Management.

Cellular Modems, Routers & Bridges 

Reliable and long-lasting solutions

For your pole top applications where a NEMA/IP panel is not desired

For your pole top applications where a NEMA/IP panel is not desired

Extreme Telematics Corp. www.etcorp.ca

A leader in Plunger Control Appliances, with 40,000+ installations, is creating the vision within Upstream O&G to democratize well-site automation by promoting standards for device and application management based on LWM2M technology.

Varieties of this ecosystem can be realized using Vision Edge OS and ETC’s Morpheus Edge controller, or any Linux based Edge controller for that matter. The significance of the offer is not so much the hardware-platform, but the Vision ecosystem that allows a highly secure model which facilitates LWM2M, its Object Registry which enables and enforces standardization, and device & application management.

When using the Morpheus Edge controller, end users, system integrators and application developers can leverage Docker containerization and online App Store allowing app’s from multiple domain experts, or internally created, to co-exist on a single hardware platform. The ultimate in flexibility and standards, can now be part of your Vision as well.

etcecosystem icon1.png

Currently pursuing Representation for reonix technologies

Reonix Technologies    www.scadadroid.com

SCADADroid was created by a group of control system intellects in Calgary who as systems integrators experienced a consistent gap in the market for secure industrial VPN communications and autonomous alarm notification/management. Primary industries of applications are oil and gas well pads, mines, water lift stations, any critical remote asset.    Visit www.scadadroid.com to learn more

Solexy Wireless   www.solexy.net

SOLEXY Wireless provides innovative I.S. solutions providing safe, cost effective application of RF/WiFi and Ethernet in hazardous locations eliminating the need for costly labor, poured seals, drains, ex-proof conduit, coax and antennas.  Primary industries are refineries, oil and gas rigs, chemical plants and mines.  Visit www.solexy.net to learn more.

areas of Experience & Expertise


Though Wonderware was our entry point to SCADA in the mid 1990's, it was really ClearSCADA in the mid 2000's that created such a broad knowledge base as market penetration began.  Forging a position in a new market against the majors like Wonderware, Cygent, iFix, RSView, Telvent, Citect, WinnCC, and other smaller players allowed great exposure to a new level of intellect in the O&G sector that encompassed field level telemetry topologies, back office integration requirements, redundancy, data reliability, efficiencies of data aggregation, alarm management, and multiple discipline domain delivery of data.  Design influence and coaching of system topology has always been a significant contributor to SCADA system success.

system integration

Without a good SI to facilitate assembly of the system components, they remain isolated and inefficient.  Having strong SI's as part of our career path, we understand the value of every size SI, from 2 guys a truck and a dog to those staffed with 1,000+ engineers capable of delivering compressor stations and gas plants as a turnkey offer.



Wired and wireless instrumentation has been a career theme where we carry a lot of experience.  Pressure, temperature, tank level, a variety of primary technologies of gas and liquid flow measurement; both custody and non-custody transfer.

artificial lift

Since the mid-2000's when the CBM market softened and shale gas created a revolution, there have been great advances in the artificial lift market place.  Traditional EFM/RTU's became enhanced with applications such as plunger lift optimization and gas lift where almost no code was written and the average field tech could commission an entire well pad.  Prior to this PCS, Ferguson Beauregard and a dozen other dedicated controller manufacturers commanded this market and would connect serially to an EFM for rate.  The advent of combined full function controllers such as ABB, Emerson, SchneiderElectric, Thermo and others have driven efficiencies to an all time high which worked out well for the lean period beginning 2014.  As the market turned again softening the NGL market, the price of oil hit record highs which drove the necessity of more elaborate Rod Pump Control (RPC) using more efficient and cost effective VFD's which drove further improved efficiencies in this realm of artificail lift. 

field automation

Many years spent launching the SCADAPack to local and domestic markets provided a strong yet diverse competitive knowledge base of market players such as Emerson ROC/FloBoss, ABB TotalFlow, Thermo Flow Automation, Rockwell, Yokogawa, Modicon, IDEC, Dynamic Flow Computer, QLogix by FlowData (now Lavoro Tech) and others.


We have a strong background in the competitive landscape of wireless for last mile and traditional local field instrument networks with both proprietary and standards based instrument protocols such as WiHart/ISA100 and recently into IoT/IioT.

Wireless instrumentation come in the form of self powered wireless instruments and also wireless I/O that can make most any instrument wireless.  There are a number of consideration around over the air protocol, interval of read/communicate and sensor type that are significant in the decision making process.

product and Channel advisory

Business Development | Sales Leadership | Channel Selection | Go To Market Strategy 

Gap Analysis | Competitive Analysis | Offer Messaging

IoT/IioT, SCADA & Field Automation Consulting

Assessment of Your Current Situation | IoT - SCADA System Architecture | Field Automation Strategy | Wellsite & Tank Battery Modernization

Remote Asset CyberSecurity NERC/CIP | Considerations for Wireless Instrumented Well-sites

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