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2G/3G Sunset

Take action now on a transition plan for your legacy cellular products

Major IoT cellular data carriers are retiring their 2G and 3G networks and replacing them with more efficient LTE networks.  This means your older communication equipment will stop communicating and needs to be upgraded to more efficient LTE technology.

Why the switch? 
There is a shift taking place in IoT communications as cellular networks migrate to LTE technology.  To free up spectrum space, many wireless carriers are retiring older 2G and 3G technology networks. This means these specific communication bands will soon be obsolete and the businesses that rely on them will need to migrate to LTE in the next year or so.  LTE offers superior data transfer capacity and speed, though inconvenient, the upgrade will improve efficiency in many industries. 

MultiTech offers specialized, fully certified, carrier-approved replacement products that seamlessly integrate into your existing operations to minimize disruptions.    

For more information 
Cellular IoT Migration website 

Cellular IoT Migration Video 

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Next steps 
Let MultiTech assist you in evaluating your Internet of Things data connectivity hardware needs and recommend the right product for your program.  We have the broadest line of communication routers, modems and embedded devices to meet virtually any IoT implementation.

Let us help you manage the migration.

Contact us at sales@wardbdc.com and we will help you through the process.